A Little History

Gosh, I have been known as Frank the Computer Guy since 1983 – YIKES!

Yet, over the decades I developed ‘a collection of skills’ including professional photography, local history, helping local and state candidates win elections, and many, many more ‘skills’.

So, let’s have a little fun and take a trip back in time to when I purchased my very first computer…

I purchased my first PC in 1981 – a Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 for only $2,200!

My TRS 80 features a blazing fast 2MHz processor with 16k – NOT 16GB – of memory. Oh yeah; no hard drive – everything was stored on 5.25″ floppies; MANY 5.25″ floppies…

Over time I purchased a cassette tape drive for storage and added a 300 ‘baud’ acoustic coupler, phone-cradle modem. If you’ve seen the movie ‘War Games’, you’ve seen an acoustic coupler.

By 1983, this ‘hobby’ developed into my first business – DataWorks.

This 1984 pic shows that I WAS skinny at one time…

A few fun pics from DataWorks, once located at 610 West College Street, Murfreesboro. Look at the price of that computer from 1996!

By 1999, DataWorks custom built or upgraded more than 17,000 computers for more than 8,000 clients.

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