Casa Caperton has Cut the Cable

Casa Caperton has ‘cut the cable’; that is, we’ve dropped Comcast TV but kept Comcast Internet. 

Now, we are using an Amazon Fire Stick ($45/month), Netflix ($11/month), Hulu ($11/month), Amazon Prime ($8.25/month), Playstation Vue ($45/month) a $50 digital antenna we picked up at Walmart AND LOVING IT!

I can’t speak for your household but I like saving $31.25 each and every month.

Service?  I LOVE our digital antenna.  We receive around 50 channels – FIFTY – for free!

2, 4, 5, 8, 17, MeTV, JusticeTV, Grit (westerns!!!), documentaries, etc.  I even get to watch Mannix, Perry Mason, Peter Gun, Burns & Allen, Johnny Carson – all bring back memories of when TV was worth watching!  Visit this page to see what over-the-air digital TV includes:

Our streaming services allow us watch the standard cable stations and a seemingly endless number of movies.  Lora and I even watch Robert Redford movies to our hearts’ content!

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