Frank’s Photography

Ahhhhh, everyone is a photographer nowadays…

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Goodness, gracious – cell phone cameras do SUCH a wonderful job with photography. I’m not kidding. You can take a wonderful pic with your cell phone. Sometimes, experience is needed to catch ‘the shot’. Hard to quantify, but sometimes you just know in your knower how and when to stick your nose in there and get that shot.

I love event photography! Non-profit events, history events, ribbon cutting events – you name it.

So, there are many reasons to ‘Frank and his Camera’ for your next event:

Quality, Quality, Quality: Experience DOES count when shooting an event. I combine experience with a decent camera and expert software capabilities to preserve your special moment.

Capturing a very, very special pre-prom moment…

Polite, Professional and Self-assured: Sometimes you simply have to know when to ‘stick your nose in there’ and get the ‘money shot’. Still, I bring a professional yet friendly manner to every event I shoot.

Do you have the time, equipment and expertise to shoots pics at your event?

The impulse is to get someone from your office to bring their camera or use their cell phone.  That may work but wouldn’t it be nice to NOT worry about the quality of the pics for a VERY low price?

A great event pic doesn’t involve people…

Don’t worry.  Frank and his Camera will be there.

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