Hello from Frank the Computer Guy!

Gosh, I’ve known many of you since the mid-eighties when I started my first IT business – ‘DataWorks’. 

Some of you I know through local history.  Some know me through Rotary.  Some know me through church or Rutherford Senior Connections or Salvation Army or, or, or…  Several of you have used me in the past – well, I want you back as a friend and client.

I enjoy sharing little tidbits I’ve picked up from being ‘Frank the Computer Guy’for almost three-a-half decades.

Frank dun did it!

Many of us have seen something similar to this appear on our computers.  Well, guess what – I, ‘Frank the Computer Guy’, had this happen to ME just last week.

I entered www.something-or-the-other.whatever only I fat-fingered the address (URL) and BAM – my computer started telling me – audibly tell me – how my computer has been infected and I must call 877-636-0456 IMMEDIATELY or bad things will happen.  Bad things such as the Eclipse has been rescheduled, or the Rapture really did happen in 1988, or UT will beat Vandy – EEEEK!

So, this is what I did:

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