I swanny, I think my phone is listening to my conversations!

I swanny, I think my cell phone (Samsung Galazy S9) can read my mind.

Short Story:

I was having coffee with a buddy recently and the topic changed to converting 8mm tapes to DVDs. The next thing you know, my Facebook feed starts showing ads for 8mm tape conversion machines.

So, I started wondering, ‘Is Facebook (or any app for that matter) listening to my conversations? Turns our, the answer if sort of yes, sort of no.

I learned that is may seem as if Facebook is listening to me, but Facebook is NOT stalking me. I mean, just think of how much data would be flying through wireless networks and cell towers, not to mention the data storage requirements!

Wired Magazine reported “Constant audio surveillance woudl produce about 33 times more data daily than Facebook currently consumes.”

Still, Facebook and other apps ARE listening for specific words.

For example, there is software that can listen to what you are watching on TV or radio, then use this information to target ads just for you.

And don’t even started on this phenomena known as ‘smart home devices’ such as Alexa by Amazon. These devices are designed to do one thing – listen to everything you say. Hmmmm, I wonder why Amazon wants to hear every word said in your home??? And we claim to be concerned about privacy issues…

So, want to block/restrict Facebook and othe rapps’ access to your microphone? Here you go:

Android: Go to settings, Apps & Notifications, App Info, App Permission. Now, pick and choose which apps have access to your phone’s microphone.

iPhone: Go to Settings, Privacy, Microphone then pick and choose which apps have access to your phone’s microphone.

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