Office Depot, pay $35 million to settle FTC allegations

April 16, 2019

I’ve been ‘Frank the Computer Guy’ since coming home from the War of 1812. Actually, 1983. I never claim to be the best in the business, but I WILL be honest.

Office Depot along with business partner agreed to pay a settlement of $35 million to the Federal Trade Commission for allegations the two companies scammed customers into buying computer repair services that were NOT needed.

Office Depot will pay $25 million and software supplier will pay $10 million.

Office Depot advertised ‘free PC Health Check’ for several years (2009-2016).  The customer would haul their computer to the store (remember – I come to YOU), then tell the customer how their computer was infected with bad stuff such as viruses and malware.  Big problem – Office Depot LIED.

The FTC claim states Office Depot ran PC Health Check, a diagnostic scam, I mean scan, program created and licensed by  PC Health Check software results cheated the customers into thinking their computer was infected with malware/viruses.

Many of these customers then purchased Office Depot diagnostic and repair services from Office Depot and OfficeMax paying up to $300.  Partner got a cut of each purchase.

Folks, please, please, PLEASE call/text/email/snail mail/smoke signal – whatever – call me first.  Big Box stores do not have your best interest in mind.

And $300 – really?  The most I have ever charged is $125!

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