Springs storms are upon us…. Is YOUR computer protected?

Quick!  Tell me the difference between the power strip on the left and the power strip on the right?  No, different brand names does not count.

On the left is a plain-Jane power strip.  For $12.46 at Home Depot, you will in essence purchase a glorified extension cord with little or no power protection.

On the right is a much better surge protection solution:  The Tripp-lite Super 7 also at Home depot for only $15.43.

Many of you were my customers at DataWorks right after the War of 1812.  Remember when you purchased a computer from DataWorks, you received a Tripp-lite Super 7?  Guess what, it is still the only power strip I recommend.

Why the Tripp-Lite Super 7?

Surge strips/protectors (sometimes called a “surge suppressor”) have electronics built in that help prevent power surges from damaging connected devices such as computers, TVs, etc.

Now, keep in mind, even the mighty Tripp-lite Super 7 has limitations.  For example, I recommend replacing the power strip once every five years since the protective electronics inside the strip degrade with each surge.

At Casa Caperton, we ‘recycle’ our old power strips.  i.e. we’ll take a strip that is at the end its life-cycle and re-purpose it to general household uses such as my tool shed, end table lamps, etc.

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