Why does Windows 10 update so much?

I hear this question/statement VERY often, “It seems every time I turn around, my computer has an update!”

Once each day, Windows checks your computer to see if your computer needs updates.  You see, Microsoft regularly releases new features, security patches, bug fixes, etc.

But it’s OK – Windows does all this in the background.  If Windows finds that you need updates, it will download and install the new updates.  Most often nothing is installed since Microsoft doesn’t release updates every day.

Microsoft releases a Windows ‘quality update’ on the second Tuesday of each month.  Insiders call this ‘Patch Tuesday.’  These updates are BIG containing bug fixes and security updates.  Sometimes, the ‘quality updates’ require a reboot.

Then there are the emergency updates.  These are the updates Microsoft sends out when they find a security flaw and want the issue fixed in a jiffy.  Most of the time, emergency updates require a reboot.

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