Yes – even ‘Frank the Computer Guy’ can get hacked…

Yes, even I get hacked from time-to-time.

Monday, I was working on a ‘sick’ computer when all of the sudden, my firewall notified me some nefarious actions were happening on MY computer.

I noticed 15-20 ‘programs’ installing on my system – I wasn’t TOUCHING my system.  So, I did what any good computer guy would do – I pulled the power cord!

Next, I pulled my hard drive, hooked it up to my test system and started scanning for viruses and malware.  Sure enough, a piece of bad software had made its way from the client’s computer (the ‘sick’ computer I was working on) to my main computer.

A few hours later, I received an email from some nefarious person telling me they hacked into my system and stole my stored passwords.  They want $3,000 or they will smear my reputation.  Funny thing is – if they actually did steal my passwords, they could log into my bank account and see I don’t have $3,000 – LOL!

Lessons Learned

1.  Change your passwords on a regular basis.  Me?  I change ALL my passwords – email, Facebook, etc. – every couple of months.  Guess how I remember my passwords?  Yep, I write ’em down on a piece of paper.  Hard to hack into paper…

2.  Regularly scan for viruses and malware.  I use AVG Antivirus and Super Anti Spyware.  VERY inexpensive and VERY effective.

3.  Back up your data.  I cannot preach this enough – backup your pics and docs.  Pics and docs cannot be replaced!  I use a subscription service called IDrive which backs up my goods to the cloud.

4. Back to the password routine – do NOT make your passwords easy to remember.  Use numbers, capitalized letters and special characters.  Example: MqpR$)*( is completely random but effective.

5.  Call/text 615-476-7823 should you need help or advice.

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